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The Israeli Space Agency reaching out researchers, founders and the next generation of space experts with an interactive, multilingual and cross-platform website. The website designed to serve all aspects of the agency including official publications and tenders closed communities for researches and teachers, event and seminars boards, educational and nut stuff and more.

Fatfish - spaceIL ET quiz

Quick quiz with social features for entertainment and virality spread.

One of the main audience groups of this site are students in elementary and college school, in order to see our next astronaut leaving earth. We design this project as a fascinating journey in time and space. The design takes the students to every corner of the universe and encourages them to explore content with games, articles, quizzes and other tools

FATFISH SpaceIL test-your-self

Test-your-self games on space knowledge

We have chosen DRUPAL as a CMS for ins capabilities of managing various data types and friendly content editing tools. The site is managed by a group of talented content editors that create new articles, events, games and other pieces of content on a daily basis. Drupal was chosen as a first in class CMS that gives out of the box the following useful features:

  • Flexibility in building complex pages using friendly user interface (GUI)
  • Support on multilingual content
  • A cross-platform, mobile-first approach
  • Create communities and manage members
  • Editorial groups that write, moderate and publish content every day
spaceil website homepage

A glimpse on the IL space agency website 

Client ISA

Publish on 02 August, 2017